Dear Children, Love God is a special 52 page book with a life changing message.  It is a safe haven, a beautiful sanctuary in the loving heart of God, where you can blossom into the beautiful child of God that you are. Below is a sample of what you will find inside Dear Children, Love God.


Dear Children, Love God - A Special Book

 A CD of calming harp of Psalms 51, 91 and 103 performed by Steve Rees is available to help soothe and calm your mind, heart and soul.  Listen to it as you meditate on the message inside Dear Children, Love God.  To order, send a request via the Contact Us  page.

  My Precious Child-

          Thank you for taking a few moments of your busy life to spend some time with Me.  I have been waiting for you.  I know sometimes life can be challenging, full of struggle, loss and strife.  I know because I see my angels weep for you.

          You are never alone, I am always nearby, my hand and heart outstretched for you to hold so together we can walk your life journey.

          My beautiful child, in these quiet moments know that my love for you is beyond measure, now and forever.  Come back to me, spend time with me, fill your heart with me and my love.


                                            Your Heavenly Father